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A Bridge Too High

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 10 Aprıl 2017)

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               A bridge to make one sigh.

A bridge was built over the Feyezan Canal in the Meydan quarter of
İskenderun district, Hatay province, to connect three villages. However,
the completed bridge is 2.5 meters above the ground, making it difficult
for people to use the bridge at all.

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Perhaps a ramp or steps might be in order (ya think?).

The bridge was built by the State Water Works (DSİ) at the request of
the İskenderun municipality but it is doing more harm than good for
the populace. Meydan's village chief Ramazan Güneş lamented that
"there are about 30,000 people living around here.  There's a great
difference between the bridge level and the ground.  We've told
officials about the situation but no one listens to us."

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