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Ex-CIA Chief 'Wanted' in Turkey

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(Aydinlik Newspaper, 14 April 2017)

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His retirement carpet-buying trip just got re-scheduled.

coup plotters see TNT reporting from last summer.

In the event that ex-CIA Chief John Brennan enters Turkey he
may be taken into custody, along with ex-CIA Turkey chief Henri
Barkey, Graham Fuller, Michael Rubin, ex-NY District Attorney
Preet Bharara and many others.

Lawyer Mehmet Sarı and some other lawyers have filed a criminal
complaint with the Istanbul Public Prosecutor against the Americans,
in connection with the failed coup of 15 July 2016.  The complaint
asks the prosecutor to arrest and interrogate the aforementioned if
they come to Turkey.

The lawyers' complaint alleges that the Americans and others (see
list) planned and supported the coup and that NATO bases in Turkey
were used to hatch the plan.  The complaint notes that others will be
added to the list of 'suspects' later.

The list:

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan - planned and supported the coup.
Graham Fuller - supported the coup.
Henri Barkey - supported the coup.
Senator Charles Schummer - connected to FETÖ (Fethullah Gülen
                                               Terror Organization)
Ex-NY District Attorney Preet Bharara - prosecuted Reza Zarrab
                                                and Hakan Atilla for sanctions crimes.
OFAC Think Tank President David Cohen- supported the coup.
Academician Michael Rubin - supported the coup, insulted Turkey
                                                and threatened President Erdoğan.
Ex-US Army Colonel Ralph Peters - supported the coup.

Turkish-American Union Chief Faruk Taban - FETÖ
Turkish Cultural Center lawyer Zafer Akın - FETÖ
Eurasian Americans Turkuaz Council member Kemal Öksüz - FETÖ
Rumi Forum member - Emre Çelik - FETÖ
Academician Ahmet Sait Yayla - related to DHKP-C's Şafak Yayla
Middle Atlantic Turkish-American Federation's Mahmut Yeter - FETÖ
Turkish American Business Group member Talha Saraç - FETÖ
Recep Özkan - FETÖ and known as the 'White House imam' (!)
Bayrock Natural Store owner Burak Yeneroğlu - FETÖ

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Fethullah Gülen reacted in Saylorsburg PA: "It's no big deal."

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