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Cat Saved After 4 Days on Metro Tracks

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 14 April 2017)

Kedi Minnoşun 4 günlük metro mecerası
Minnoş was actually auditioning for a job in the NY Subway
System, where other four-legged creatures rule the rails.

The incident occurred in the busy Izmir metro system.  A cat named
Minnoş was in her cage waiting on the train platform at the Fahrettin
Altay staion with her owner to go to the veterinarian .  The owner
dropped the cage and when the lid flew open Minnoş escaped into the
metro system.

For four days metro workers, AKUT (search & rescue) and  a veterinarian
from the Karabağlar municipality searched for Minnoş, but without
success.  Just as all hope was fading, though, metro driver Fatih Taş,
making a test run at 0500 in the morning, noticed Minnoş on the rails
100 meters away from the Konak station.

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       Motherly instinct sparks a great escape.

Taş stopped his train, cut the power and grabbed Minnoş, delivering her
carefully to the headquarters building.  Minnoş had travelled 6 kilometers
over 4 days, passing through 6 stations along the way (!).  As the cat was
being cared for in the office of Metro Public Relations Director Melika
Gökmen, owner Leman Yekenkınrul came to pick up Minnoş.

It turned out that on the day of the incident Minnoş, who is 3-weeks
pregnant, was en route to the veterinarian for an abortion and neutering.
Owner Yekenkınrul, grateful to the metro staff and with a nod toward
kısmet, promised to let Minnoş deliver her litter.  

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Minnoş passed through 6 stations on the blue-light blue line.

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