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Should Have Let the Ring Stay Stuck

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 26 April 2017)

Yüzüğü çıkaramayan doktordan şikâyetçi
                      Accessory to a nightmare.

In Erzurum's Yakutiye district, a year ago Esengül Zengin (41) went
to Atatürk University's hospital because her ring was stuck on her
finger.  When the emergency room doctor there failed to extract
the ring with thread, firemen were called and they cut the ring
off of Esengül hanım's finger.

The firemens' cutting efforts, though, caused damage to Esengül
hanım's right hand.  Since then she has had 6 operations and doctors
have told her that the ring finger will have to be amputated.   In any
case, Esengül hanım cannot use all the fingers on her right hand now.

On 25 January Esengül hanıım filed a complaint with the Erzurum
public prosecutor against the emergency room doctor and the firemen.
Her lawyer Erhan Topcu explained that "the metal-cutting machine
damaged her nerves and muscles.  After the operations the prospect
of her other fingers having to be amputated has come up. We've
opened a suit for material and psychological compensation."

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                 Erzurum province

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