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Turkey's New Leader Wants Finger on the Button

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 16 April 2017)

Yargı işte böyle diyen adamı ciddiye alıp işlem başlattı
    You have to press a button to see his face.

In Istanbul, textile workshop worker İ. Ö. has filed a complaint with
the public prosecutor alleging that a button given to him by God has
been withheld from him, preventing him from re-establishing the
Ottoman Empire in the Güngören district of Istanbul.

İ. Ö. filed the complaint, which has been taken seriously (!) by the
prosecutor, despite assertions that İ. Ö. suffers from psychological
problems.  İ.Ö. also claims to be a 'prophet' and that he signed the
Lausanne Agreement (ending Turkey's war with Greece in 1923),
together with Polat Alemdar (a fictional nationalist hero in the TV
show 'Kurtlar Vadisi').

İ.Ö (42) claims that this is the third time he has come to Earth. He
demanded that his clothes, ID card and button be returned to him
by the courthouse that is holding them.   According to İ.Ö., "I am
God's representative on Earth.  I have an untouchable robot and a
button, which when I press it allows me to see everything."

Image result for recep ivedik güngören
     Another famous resident of Güngören.

"Along with Polat Alemdar, who works in the courthouse, Güzide,
Serpil, Özlem, who works in the National Palaces offices and
the Prophet Muhammed's son, who works as a shoemaker in Güngören,
we established the Turkish Republic.  The documents related to this
are being held by a judge.  My codename is 01/03/1975 Hazal Deli."

"We prepared a project to re-establish the Ottoman Empire and
designated the spot for this as Köyiçi in Güngören, next to the State
Hospital there.  However, the stones needed for the re-establishment
have been stolen.  As for my button, I was not allowed to use it
before I turned 40, in accordance with international agreements."

"I'm now 42 but the button has not been returned to me.  I am also
the officially designated prophet.  I'm personally in the Lausanne
Agreement and we made this agreement in front of the Köyiçi Mosque
in Güngören.  I'm 42 but I've come to Earth with different names 3
times.  The first time I came we signed the Lausanne Agreement. I
demand that my ID, button and the money we put forth at the time
of the founding of the Turkish Republic be returned to me."

Image result for güngören haritası
Güngören, from where the new Ottoman Empire will spring.

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