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Electric Powership Keeps Trains Running

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 April 2017)

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A giant generator ship leased by the Transportation Ministry will
bring an end to electricity shortages caused by the consumption of
electricity by the Marmaray trans-Bosphorus rail line.  The ship Doğan
Bey is anchored off Yenikapı, Istanbul, and linked to the shore with
electrical cables.

The Doğan Bey, which produces 126 megawatts of electricity, was
previously used in Iraq for power generation.  Karadeniz Holding,
the ship's owner, has 9 such ships that provide power in the Middle
East, Africa and South Asia.  The Doğan Bey recently entered the
Sea of Marmara and anchored off Yenikapı.

An electricity transfer facility was quickly built at Yenikapı to
receive the power from the Doğan Bey.  The electricity from the
ship is integrated into Istanbul's city network and from there to
Marmaray.  Up to now Marmaray has been getting power from
the city power depot at Eminönü but this caused cuts in power
locally, particularly in the touristic area around Kapılıçarşı
(Covered Bazar), making business difficult for shop keepers
who had to contend with long power outages.

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Marmaray in red, new Avrasya car-traffic tunnel in blue.

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