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Dog's Rabid Owner Foams at the Mouth

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 3 April 2017)

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'Zalim' (Tyrant) is easily offended by foul language.

The horrid murder occurred in Konya the night before last near
the Altıyol Bridge.  Murat Baştuğ (30) and his friend Selçuk Borza
got angry when a dog tied up below the bridge began barking at them.
In response, Baştuğ and Borza cursed at the dog, angering the dog's
owner Yusuf Cığal (31).

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Dog owner Cığal claimed 'Zalim' never heard such language before.

Cığal then went after Baştuğ and Borza with a knife and they fled.
But as Baştuğ entered his apartment building Cığal caught up with
him and stabbed him 14 times (!).  Police came to investigate and
determined that the fight over the dog, named 'Zalim' (Tyrant), under
the bridge had led to the stabbing.  Soon after police arrested Cığal,
who admitted that he killed Baştuğ because he cursed at Zalim.

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           Konya province


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