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Asthma İnhaler Voids Test Results

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 April 2017)

YGSye nefes açıcı tüple giren Zehra Betüle iptal şoku
"Relax and test with confidence." (if you cough, tough luck.)

In Tokat, Zehra Betül Baş (18) showed officials her asthma inhaler as
she entered the Higher Education Placement Exam (YGS) but her results
were voided for this very reason.

Baş, a senior at the Milli Piyango İhya Balak Science High School, brought
the inhaler with her to the test to alleviate her asthmatic coughing during
the exam.  The test official at the entrance told Baş that taking the inhaler
into the testing hall would be 'no problem'.

However, the proctor in the test hall objected to the inhaler, despite the
approval Baş had received at the entrance.  When Baş looked for her test
results on the internet on 28 March she was confronted with this message:
"Because you did not conform to the rules your test is considered void."

Baş contacted the ÖSYM (national testing authority) and was told that
"a report was written about you because you entered the testing hall with
medicine."  Needless to say, Baş was quite dismayed by this reply from

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                              Tokat province

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