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Medical Miracles Edition

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 1 April 2017)

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Selfless Dr. Erakar takes a well-deserved break.

Dr. Aziz Erakar is an Orthopedic and Trauma Specialist at Samsun
Vezirköprü State Hospital and on the Medical Holiday of 14 March
he did something very special.  Despite severe pain in his abdominal
area, Dr. Erakar performed 5 operations that day with the help of pain
killer injection to assuage his discomfort.

After the fifth operation Dr. Erakar was examined by a urology
specialist who found a 16-millimeter kidney stone in his bladder.
That night Dr. Erakar was operated on and he wanted to resume his
duty at the hospital the next day (!).  Dr. Erakar was required to rest
for a day, though, and returned to duty the following day.

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Vezirköprü district is in the southwest of Samsun province.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 April 2017)

14 beyin ameliyatı sonrası beyin merkezi açtı
                        Plenty of 'street cred'.

Özge Karakuş (25) of Muğla was a student in the psychology
department of Bahçeşehir University.  On 23 March 2014 in Istanbul,
Karakuş was struck by a car as she crossed the street.   She spent 17
days in intensive care and after 14 brain operations (!) Karakuş was
able to complete her university degree.

While in Istanbul, Karakuş got training in 'neurofeedback', a strategy
that enables a person to change his or her own brain waves.  She then
opened  the Aktif Beyin Dikkat ve Algılama Merkezi (Active Brain
Attention and Perception) Center in Menteşe district of Muğla.

Karakuş, who is the daughter of Bülent Karakuş, the head of the Muğla
Commerce and Industry Council, explained that "I became interested
in brain psychology while I was undergoing treatment.  After I was
discharged I successfully finished my university degree and got
training in 'neurofeedback' to help with my own psychological and
physical problems that resulted from the accident.  I returned to Muğla
and opened the 'neurofeedback' center to help others."

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                     Muğla province

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