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Istanbul Underworld's Fateful Pizza Addiction

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 April 2017)

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          "Hey, our pizzas are getting cold!"

Istanbul Anti-Organized Crime Police determined that the Saral and
Şahin gangs, which have been at odds for 13 years, were planning a
new confrontation.  During an interrogation police learned that Ferhat
S., who goes by the nickname 'Buji Ferhat and who leads a sub-unit
of the Saral gang, was planning to murder businessman M.Ş., said
to be close to the Sedat Şahin gang.

M.Ş. is the older brother of Sedat Ş., whom gang members killed
previously.  For a year, police kept Ferhat S. and his gang under
technical and physical surveillance.  Because the gang does not use
cellphones police were only able to determine the gang's address in
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, when they ordered a pizza from a local
restaurant using a home phone.

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With this knock, the Dominos began to fall... 

A policeman in the guise of a pizza delivery man rang the bell at
the gang's luxury house.  Thinking that their pizzas had come, the
gang opened the door and police stormed in.  'Buji Ferhat' and his
men Yunus Ö and Çağrı Y., along with another individual, were
taken into custody.  A search of the house yielded hand grenades,
a Kalishnikov rifle, a revolver, bullet-proof vest, GPS devices,
ammunition and masks.

The gang had placed a 'takoz' GPS device on the underside of
M.Ş.'s car as part of their assassination plan.  In the latest murder
involving the Saral and Şahin gangs, Hüseyin Mert Saral killed
Mehmet Ali Büyüksarıoğlu in a luxury restaurant in the
Anadoluhisarı section of Istanbul.   Police suspect that a GPS
device planted on Büyüksarıoğlu's car had enabled Saral to lay
in wait for him at the restaurant.

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