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CSI Konya: Nannygate

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 9 April 2017)

12 yıllık bakıcı cinayeti gazete ilanıyla çözüldü
             Man of Mystery? (or just a creep).

cold cases see this recent TNT report for another latent Konya
police success

Şahika Atabek (then 50) returned to Konya after her German husband
died in 2005 and answered an advertisement in the newspaper for a
live-in nanny.  Atabek told her family that her new employer would be
'Bekir Taşlı' and she went to Antalya to take up her duties caring for
Taşlı's toddler daughter.

After a while, not having heard from Atabek her family informed police,
who found no trace of her.  The case went cold until it was opened again
by Konya police this year.  A team first went to Antalya to find 'Bekir
Taşlı'.  Based on Taşlı's cellphone number, given in the 2005 newspaper
advertisement, police located his house there.

Taşlı had told neighbors in Antalya that he was an official of the Turkish
National Intelligence Organization (MİT) but he sold all his belongings
and moved to Izmir with his daughter.  Police followed the trail to Izmir
and discovered that Taşçı's surname was different than his daughter's,
whose father was listed in birth records as 'Efrail G.'

Image result for bekir taşçı 12 yıl sonra şahika atabek
Shahika hanım prior to her short-lived nanny career.

Police records concerning Efrail G. showed that he had a been charged
with kidnapping and harassment and that a suit had been filed against
him for 'changing his daughter's family tree'.  Efrail G. was captured
in Kocaeli and he explained what had happened to Şahika Atabek 12
years ago as follows:

"On the 10th day she stayed in my house she went into the bathroom
and was electrocuted somehow.  When I found her lying on the bathroom,
floor she had a hair-dryer in her hand and half her face was burned
on the right side.  I was afraid that her death would lead to my false
identity being exposed so I wrapped her body in a nylon bag, put it
into a big suitcase and dropped it in a dumpster.  The next day when
I checked the dumpster it had been emptied.  I told neighbors that we'd
had a disagreement and she left my employ.  After about 15-20 days
I took her gold and money (!) and threw away her clothes.  Then I sold
all my belongings and left Antalya."    

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