22 Nisan 2017 Cumartesi

Another Bridge Too High

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 22 April 2017)

trend or plot? see recent TNT reporting on yet another too-high 

Rize'de Karadeniz fıkrası gibi köprü
Taken together with the İskenderun too-high bridge, 
conspiracy theorists are hard at work.

Improvement efforts related to the  Değirmen Stream in Rize's
Reşadiye quarter included a 10-meter wooden bridge built over
the stream a year ago.  However, the bridge's access to the adjacent
road was never completed, resulting in a 2-meter gap between the
bridge and the road.

Bridge crossers either brave the gap or turn back.  The bridge was
built primarily for children to be able to get to school more easily (!).
One frustrated resident exclaimed "such a blockheaded thing can't
be! If they're going to do a job then do it right!"

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