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Extraordinary Traffic Accidents Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 April 2017)

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   Who knew he was having a bad hair day.

The A. family lives in Gebze and went to Esenyurt, Istanbul, to
visit relatives last Saturday.  At about 7 pm that evening the
family, riding in the car of relative Köksal K., headed toward the
home of another relative.  When their car came to Hacıbayram
Veli Avenue, a motorcycle at the rear of Köksal K.'s car was
squeezed between Köksal's car and another vehicle.

The motorcycle fell to the ground and Köksal stopped his car.
Seeing in his rear-view mirror that the young man on the motorcycle
had gotten up and appeared to be ok, Köksal went on his way.
The enraged young motorcyclist, though, began firing a gun at
Köksal's car.  One of the bullets hit Eren A. (10) in the back of
the neck as he was sitting with his father Erol A. in the back seat
of Köksal's car.

Eren was taken to Esenyurt State Hospital and then transferred
to the intensive care unit of Bağcılar Training and Research
Hospital.  Police are searching for the motorcyclist.

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Esentepe, far upper left, Gebze, lower right.


türkçe  links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 April 2017)

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İbrahim Çelik (36)  left Tekirdağ in Turkish Thrace to visit his
wife's family in Gaziantep together with his two sons.  Along the
Osmaniye - Kadirli highway a horse suddenly appeared on the
road and Çelik hit it.  The force of the collision detached the horse's
head from its body and the head shattered the windshield, ending up
on top of driver Çelik.

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Çelik was seriously injured and taken to a private hospital in
Gaziantep, where he remained for one month. His two sons were
injured in the accident, as well, but were released after treatment.
In the end, Çelik succumbed to his injuries and his body was
handed over to his family for buriel.

Image result for osmaniye haritası
Osmaniye province - Kadirli district in blue.

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