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Born Over Ouagadougou

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 April 2017)

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Kadiju, mom and the airborne maternity ward staff.

A passenger on Turkish Airlines (THY)'s Conakry-Ouagadougou-
Istanbul flight gave birth to a baby girl with the help of the THY
cabin crew.  French citizen Diaby Nafi began to feel labor pains
shortly after take-off from the Guinean capital.

Trained for such emergencies, the THY cabin crew assisted in
the birth of baby 'Kadiju' at an altitude of 13,000 meters, as the
Moslem 'ezan' (call to prayer) was sounded.

Mother Diaby Nafi had told the crew she was 9-months
pregnant only after take-off.  Following the birth the plane landed
safely in Ouogadougou, the capital of Burkino Faso.

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