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Robin Hood's Shoe Store

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 April 2017)

Esenyurt'ta ilginç görüntü: Görevliler indiriyor, onlar elektrik direğine ayakkabı asıyor
             "Do you have Oxfords in a 9D?"

A strange case of robbery from the Pınar neighborhood of Esenyurt
in Istanbul, like the scene in the Tim Burton movie 'Big Fish'.
People seeing the tens of shoes hung on electrical wires in the
neighborhood are left in amazement.

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                           "Big Fish"

All kinds of shoes have been hung, from flip-flops to sneakers to
boots.  The explanation from folks in the neighborhood is
surprising: "someone steals the shoes left at apartment front doors
and hangs them on the wires for those in need to take as they please.
At first there were only a couple of pairs hung and the city workers
came and collected them.  It seems the thieves saw this as a challenge
and stole lots more shoes and hung them on the cables."

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