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Baloon-averse Frenchman Dies by Distraction

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 April 2017)

Kapadokya'daki balonu bu kavga mı düşürdü?
Baloons and high-tension wires don't get along. Distracting
the pilot doesn't help either.

İbrahim Fincan, who survived the baloon accident in Nevşehir's
Cappadocia region in which the Deputy Consul of the Istanbul
French Consulate, Vincent Caumontat, died, related those moments
to HaberTürk.

According to Fincan, 5 minutes after taking off Caumontat sank
into the bottom of the baloon's basket.  Fincan said to Caumontat's
Iranian friend 'get him up', but Caumontat was too scared, despite
Fincan's bravado to the effect that "we're Turks. We'll protect you.
I persisted but Caumontat wouldn't get up."

Normally, the baloon flight lasts for between 40 minutes and an hour.
This time, though, the pilot said he would land the baloon after about
30 minutes.  One of the passengers objected, however, saying that she
had paid 200 TL (about $60) for an hour.  The pilot explained that
weather conditions were not right and he would have to land the

Fincan related that "as the baloon was descending the objecting
woman argued with the pilot, distracting him. As a result, the baloon's
ropes hit a high-tension wire and the only passenger electrocuted was
Caumontat, who came in contact with the high-tension pole.  Everyone
else was busy taking pictures (!). We hit the ground in 5 seconds very
hard.  I got out first and helped the others. Then the ambulances
and people came to help."

Image result for cappadocia map
                Cappadocia region (circle).

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