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Do-It-Yourself Mugging Victim

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 2 April 2017)

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F.D. and E.D. don't see eye to eye (take off the blindfolds!)

Istanbul police went into action after getting a report about a
break-in/robbery and the mugging of the woman in the flat in
the Kozyatağı section of Kadıköy district.  Police found the
'victim' E.D. (28) at a nearby hospital.

E.D. told police that two delivery men came to her door and
then forced their way into her home.  Schooled in Germany as
a computer specialist, E.D. said that her attackers put an antenna
cable around her neck and beat her before taking 2 bracelets and
800 Euros belonging to her mother.

E.D.'s mother F.D. told police that when she came home she
found E.D. on the floor and tied up.  Police could find no video
images from the building's entrance to confirm that the attackers
had entered or exited.  Upper floor videos, though, were reviewed
and police determined that no one had come to E.D.'s door at the
time of the reported break-in.

Confronted with this lack of evidence to back up her story, E.D.
confessed that she had sent the two bracelets, along with 7,000
TL and 800 Euros to her older brother in Germany.  To ensure
that her mother wouldn't find out about this she made up the
break-in/robbery/mugging story.   She put the antenna cable around
her own neck and tied herself up (!).

Police prepared a file about E.D. for "making-up a crime" and sent
it to the public prosecutor.

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   Kadıköy district of Istanbul

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