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Blackmailers Dress Iraqi Lawyer in Women's Underwear

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 7 July 2018)

erhan ç ırak avukat şantaj ile ilgili görsel sonucu
           Before & After: Quite a make-over!

Erhan Ç. fled from Istanbul to Iraq by illegal means after the failed
15 July 2016 coup and began working as a driver at a holding
company in Iraq.  After stealing $238,000 from his boss's car Erhan
Ç. spent a year in jail but was pardoned and returned to Turkey.

Recently, Erhan Ç. phoned the Iraqi firm's lawyer J.A., saying he
was sorry for stealing the boss's money and offering to give it back.
J.A. came to Istanbul and was met at the airport by Erhan Ç. and 4
of his friends, taken to a house in Esenyurt, drugged, tied up and
made to wear women's underwear (!).  J.A.'s captors then took
pictures and videos of J.A. in a bed, as if he was being raped. 

Erhan Ç. and his friends took $2,700 and his cellphone from J.A.
before sending him back to Iraq to get $200,000 - otherwise, they
would send the 'inappropriate' photos to J.A.'s relatives.  In any
case, a few days after J.A. returned to Iraq the blackmailers sent
the photos via WhatsApp to his son, wife and boss. 

J.A. returned to Turkey on 4 May and filed a complaint with
Istanbul police.  He identified Erhan Ç. and the others and
submitted the WhatsApp photos and videos as evidence of the
blackmail, along with security camera footage from Atatürk

erhan ç ırak avukat şantaj ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                  One lawyer joke too many...

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