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Mobbing Victim, First Female Head Doctor, Surrenders

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 4 July 2018)

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Exposing prostitution is bad for the city's image so shut up,

Şeyda Kayahan, an anaesthesia specialist, was appointed head doctor
at Siirt State Hospital on 1 March.  Şeyda hanım was the first woman
to be head doctor and at such a young age, to boot.  However, 
'mobbing' by local elements caused her to resign her post.

Kayahan explained that her initial activity as head of  the hospital
involved having hospital personnel do the jobs in the physical therapy
and rehabilitation unit that were being done by a private company: "the
state was paying the company 400,000-450,000 TL (about $90,000-
120,000) each month so when I took over I had our personnel do the
jobs to save that money.  This irritated some people and they began
to apply pressure on me but I wouldn't budge.  The pressure increased,
though, and if I hadn't been transferred I would have resigned."

mobbing ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Words failed Şeyda hanım so she drew this.

Şeyda hanım noted, as well, that she came under criticism when 4
female hospital workers were accused of involvement in prostitution.
She explained that "when I heard that these 18-22-year old girls from
Siirt University had been forced into prostitution because of their
dire circumstances, pressure and trickery, I was very concerned. 
When I reported this to the police the response I got was "Why
are you bringing this up during Ramazan? This is very bad for
Siirt's image"  I was criticized as if I had been the one promoting
this prostitution. I was very disappointed. Some taboos are very
hard to break."  Şeyda hanım was transferred to Aydın province.

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