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Killer's "Çantada Keklik" (Slam Dunk) Escape to Cyprus Foiled 27 Years Later

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 July 2018)

Firari katil 27 yıl sonra yakalandı
Keklik benched; victim Bilgin, upper right; Keklik, the
long-distance runner (in more ways than one), lower right. 

In Adana 27 years ago, Yıldıray Keklik (now 46) was working
in a car rental firm.  Keklik and a friend went to the garden of
a nearby school to smoke cigarettes and school official Hasan Bilgin
told them to leave.  An argument ensued and Keklik stabbed Bilgin
to death.  Keklik's death penalty trial began and he spent 5 years in
jail but was then released on bail for a trial of life in prison. 

Although convicted, Keklik managed to flee.  It turned out that Keklik
had gone to Northern Cyprus, where he changed his name to Şahin
Soylu, started a company and became a life coach (!).  Keklik-Soylu
also came in first in a marathon run in Cyprus.

Turkish police had Interpol issue a "red bulletin" and Keklik-Soylu
was captured in Northern Cyprus, where he was jailed and awaits
transfer back to Turkey.

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