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Bizarre "Golden Boomerang" When Son Confirms Bachelorhood

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 March 2018)

Do you get interest on gold you hold for 7 years?

In Kayseri, Meryem Ç. was flabbergasted to get a note from her
neighbor M.K., who had attended her daughter's wedding 7 years
ago, saying that he wanted the gold he gave as a wedding present
back.  Explaining why, M.K. said that he was left hopeless because
his 38-year-old son has still not married and the prospect of a
wedding is nil.

Meryem Ç., originally from Trabzon, married off her daughter
Ayşe 7 years ago.  In his note to Meryem Ç. asking for the gold
back, M.K. wrote "Meryem Hanım, I had wanted to send this letter
to invite you to my son's wedding but although he is now 38 he
does not want to get married.  Whatever I did to forestall this
situation has not worked.  I would be pleased if you would return
the gold I gave to your daughter at her wedding and I wish you
and your family well."

Meryem Ç. called M.K. to make sure this was not a joke and
being assured that M.K. was serious, she had her son Murat Ç.
get the equivalent gold piece from a jeweler and give it to M.K.
Murat Ç. commented that "I know that M.K.'s family is not in
a bad economic situation so it means that the gold they gave to
my sister was given in trust and not as a gift.  When his own
child did not marry he wanted it back so I gave it to him."

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