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Dreaming of Europe, Raped in Istanbul

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 March 2018)

fidye için kaçırıp tecavüz ettiler esenler ile ilgili görsel sonucu
      Creatures from humanity's underbelly.

Ş.E. (18) came to Turkey from Pakistan illegally in order to go
to Europe and was staying with a group in Esenler, Istanbul, when
he was kidnapped on 22 February.  His kidnappers held Ş.E. at
a house in Pendik, Istanbul, and demanded $50,000 from his
brother, who works in Saudi Arabia.

The older brother sent $6,000 but the kidnappers demanded more
from the family in Pakistan and got another 40,000 TL (about
$10,000).  But Istanbul police were contacted by famliy relative
F.B.K. and after police interrogated Ş.E.'s housemate they raided
the house in Pendik, arresting Rızvan Khan (23) and Fuad Ali (26).

During their interrogation Khan and Ali implicated Ş.E.'s
housemate Ashvan Muhammed Amn (25), who was taken into
custody, as well. Ş.E., who was freed in the operation, had been
raped by his captors (ugh!).

  pendik haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                     Pendik district of Istanbul


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