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FETÖ Weight-Watchers Program Sours Would-be Bride

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 March 2018)

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                 Here come the (slim) brides...

In the scope of the investigation into the structure of the FETÖ
(Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization)'s judge-prosecutor
organization, an indictment was prepared about Judge Derya Y.,
who served in Sorgun district of Yozgat province.  In the Ankara
prosecutor's indictment it is stated that Derya Y. was relieved of
duty after the failed coup in July 2016 but returned to duty on
31 May 2017.

However, in the interim Derya Y. resigned and told prosecutors
that she became acquainted with FETÖ while at university and
later was taken into a FETÖ working group to prepare for the judge-
prosecutor examination.  Derya Y. noticed that the other women
in the study group began putting on make-up and nail polish and
dying their hair.  Seeing this, Derya Y. said she became estranged
from the group.

With regard to the FETÖ  marriage system, Derya Y. said that
there was pressure to get married.  In her case "they had me meet
with two candidates. The result was a complete fiasco.  After the
interviews, Şule Hanım, the wife of the regional FETÖ chief, told
me that I had to lose weight and pay more attention to my make-up
and hair because the male candidates give importance to these

"I declared that I wouldn't lose weight for anyone nor would I
change myself to anyone else's taste.  They continued to insist on
these things but I said I wouldn't participate in a marriage interview
ever again.  As the result of this experience, I became extremely
disappointed with the organization (FETÖ) and did not participate

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Gülen went to great lengths to set an example.

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