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Toilet Regression Riles Donor

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 9 March 2018)

tuvalet halit özdağ ile ilgili görsel sonucu
        Where European toilets go to die...

Five years ago businessman Halit Özdağ had a 40-classroom,
2-building school built in Trabzon's Araklı district for 11 million TL.
Four years ago the school was turned over to the National Education
Ministry (NEM) and one of the buildings was turned into an 'imam
hatip' (religious) high school for 374 girl students, 132 of whom
board.  Two years ago the other building was turned over to the NEM
and now 90 students study in this 'imam hatip' middle school.

A few days ago, Özdağ visited the schools and noticed that the
'alafranga' (European/American) toilets had been turned into toilets
of the classic 'alatürka' (Turkish) style.  Upset about this, Özdağ
said "I spent my life in Europe and I had these schools' toilets made
on the model of a school in Japan.  Now I see that the schools'
administration has removed them all."

tuvalet halit özdağ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Made his fortune in the German TP sector. (Hmmmm)

"They say that the European toilet model doesn't conform with
Islamic rules and that the students don't know how to use them.
If they don't know, your job is to teach them how.  I have filed a
complaint petition with the NEM and made a criminal complaint
to the public prosecutor."  As for the schools' administrators, they
explained that "it had to be done.  A lot of our students come from
villages and they don't know how to use European toilets.  Some
of the middle school students even fell into them (!).  And it's not
appropriate to use them, based on Islam."  Provincial NEM
director Hızır Aktaş stated that an investigation has been started.

trabzon haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu


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