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Shotgun Child Custody

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 13 March 2018)

Bir elinde 7 yaşındaki çocuğu, bir elinde pompalı tüfek… Dehşet saçtı!
Ersan B. happens to be a card-carrying NRA member...

In Aydın the day before yesterday a man terrorized Efeler district.
Semra Y. (32) and Ersan B. (38) divorced 3 months ago because
of irreconcilable differences.  The custody of their son Y.B. was
left to the courts, which decided last week that custody would be
shared until a final court decision was reached.

Mother Semra Y. began working at a private rehabilitation center
on the Aydın-İncirliova highway.  The day before yesterday, Ersan
B. came to the center with a pump-action rifle to get his son. 
When Semra Y. resisted, Ersan B. shot her in the arm and leg, took
his son and left the premises in a taxi (!).

As Semra Y. was taken to a hospital, the Gendarmerie quickly
arrested Ersan B.  Prior to being captured, Ersan B. had posted
the following message on Facebook: "Everything for my son.
In a place where there is no justice, one must make justice for
oneself."  Young Y.B. was given over to relatives.

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