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Tooth in Brain Has to Stay There

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 19 March 2018)

Tomografisi çekildi şoke oldu! Beyninde diş çıktı
Biggest problem is how to brush it.  And what about 

Deniz Mızraklı lives in Gerze district of Sinop province.  A tooth
that should be in his mouth is in his brain (!).  Mızraklı (26), is an
amateur musician and in 2014 he had a tomography scan done 3
days before an operation for a brain tumor. From the scan doctors
saw that a tooth had entered Mızraklı's brain and that if it was
removed he could risk losing his ability to speak, see and move.

Mızraklı explained that "I was making live music in a place in
Sinop but I felt some discomfort so I went to the hospital.  They
did a walking test and found that I had trouble walking because
of a balance problem.  People who knew me thought I was an
alcoholic.  I got treatment at Bülent Ecevit University Training
and Research Hospital in Zonguldak, which is where the
tomography scan was done.  Doctors found a tumor in my brain.
The tooth is still in my brain so my balance problem and memory
loss may reoccur.  But they said if the tooth was removed I could
lose my ability to speak, see and move.  I didn't want to risk that."

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