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Gigolo Website Members Cry Foul

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 March 2018)

sanal jigolo vurgunu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
             Hey, we're just another start-up.

In Zara, Sivas, O.K. filed a complaint with police, saying that
he had been defrauded of 1350 TL (about $350), with the promise
of becoming a member of a virtual 'gigolo' website (!). Police
determined that O.K.'s money had been deposited in an account
in Şirinevler, Istanbul, and that Burcu Hilal K. had withdrawn
the money.

In the subsequent police investigation, it was determined that
Murat Ç. and Eren Uğur G. were running a virtual gigolo
website that promised '7,000 TL per encounter' for a monthly
fee of 100 TL.  Up front, the gang first wanted between 900 and
2,000 TL from men hoping to have encounters with women and
another 3-5,000 TL for carfare and commission fees.

Women who were members of the gang phoned men who had
joined up and invited them to meet.  In the end, more than 20
men filed complaints with police and hundreds of others were
reluctant to file official complaints.  Police in Bahçelievler,
İstanbul, raided the site's address and took managers Murat Ç.
and Eren Uğur G. into custody, along with Burcu Hilal K.,
who withdrew the money from the gang's account, and site
workers Yasemin O., Kader A., Bahar B., Merve M., Sevda B.,
Çiğdem Ç., Dilan Ç. and İrem Y.   

american gigolo ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Franchising is where the money is these days...

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