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Kidney Trafficking Somehow Gets Even Seamier

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 March 2018)

kidneystones see previous TNT reporting on the 2 doctors.

Doctors' prison digs no doubt better than the shacks 
their patients are cut up in...

Turkish doctors Yahya Öztel and Hakan Tarakçıoğlu are being
tried in a kidney-trafficking case in Ukraine and have been held
in jail for 11 months.  Because prosecutor Yuliya Dyadyduk did
not attend a hearing last week, the case was postponed two months.

An interesting detail emerged, though, in that one of the
complainants in the case is Chief Prosecutor Vladyslav Gryorenko,
whose father died during an organ transplant operation in Turkey (!).
Sergey Gryorenko underwent the operation, which was arranged by
Öztel and Tarakçıoğlu, on 4 February 2016 in Turkey but died 34
days later. 

When the elder Gryorenko died none of his relatives filed a
complaint but about a year afterwards the two Turkish doctors were
arrested and jailed in Ukraine.  During their questioning, Prosecutor
Dyadyduk said to them, in front of their lawyers, "You have made
my dear colleague Gryorenko very sad and he's quite angry with you.
Consequently, you're in big trouble."  This statement has led to
speculation that the doctors' trial may essentially be revenge.

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