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Feeling Overpaid, Parliamentarian Shares the Wealth

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 March 2018)

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Not very popular in Parliament, for setting such a bad

CHP (opposition party) Izmir Parliamentarian Tacettin Bayır
has distributed all of his salary to needy students as scholarships
since he entered Parliament on 7 June 2015.  Even prior to
his election, Bayır had helped 8-10 young people with
scholarship money.  In 2015, he went to an orange grove in
Seferhisar and, hearing that her family would summon her
home from medical school because of financial problems,
Bayır funded the girl's continued education.

After making the promise during the election campaign to
distribute his salary to needy youths, once elected Bayır was
asked by a reporter whether he would fulfill his promise. 
According to Bayır, he said "I won't take this salary and instead
I'll give it to needy students. So for about 3 years I haven't
taken any salary - this amounts to 500,000 TL (about $125,000)."

Since his largesse has become known Bayır had been besieged
by applicants, noting that "when the number of applicants hit
5,000 I had my wife lead a 5-person commission to sort them
out for scholarships.  The commission goes to the applicant's
hometown and determines the level of need.  We give
scholarships of 300, 250 and 200 TL per month and the
number of recipients changes from year to year - 56, 58, 55."

Bayır says he doesn't know any of  the scholarship winners
but he sometimes gets phone calls from them, for example:
"Uncle Tacettin, I'm one of the students you're helping."
and this is very gratifying for him. 

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