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Inheritance Dispute Settled By Eliminating Eligibles

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 March 2018)

Erzurum’da mal paylaşımı dehşeti! Ağabeyini ve 4 yeğenini öldürdü
Another case of "this is just a mess...well, it'll have to
do till the real mess gets here."

In Horasan district of Erzurum province, an argument between
two brothers about inheritance ended in savagery.  The incident
occurred in İlhami Yılmaz's carpentry workshop in the Kazim
Karabekir neighborhood.  Yılmaz argued with his nephew about
a field left by his father and the argument turned into a fight when
the nephew hit Yılmaz over the head with an ashtray.

Hearing that his son was involved in the fight, his father Mehmet
Yılmaz, together with 3 other sons and 2 grandsons, arrived at
the workshop.  At this point, İlhami Yılmaz  shot his revolver
and killed Mehmet Yılmaz and his sons Ömer (39) and Bahattin
at the scene.  İbrahim (34) and Adem Yılmaz died at hospital.
Mehmet Yılmaz's two grandsons were wounded in the incident.

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Although wounded in his foot, İlhami Yılmaz, the former AKP
mayor of Horasan, fled but was captured by the Gendarmerie on
the Kars highway.  On 10 June 2016, İlhami Yılmaz was kidnapped
by 5 PKK members in Horasan.  Four of the five were convicted
in court in Erzurum and each was sentenced to 16 years in jail.

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