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"Californium" Dreaming in Ankara

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 March 2018)

ankarada kaliforniyum ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Think of how many Skripals Vlad could impale with this stuff.

Police in Ankara determined that the nuclear substance "californium",
which is used in various nuclear research applications and which is
considered the second most expensive item in the world, produced
only in the U.S. and Russia, had been smuggled into Turkey.  Four
suspects were arrested trying to sell 1 kilo 441 grams of  "californium"
for $72 million.  One gram of the material is worth $4 million.

After the "californium" was smuggled into Turkey from Russia it
was hidden in a car with license plate 06 HA 489, which was stopped
by police in the Pursaklar Turgut Özal neighborhood of Ankara.
Driver Ş.Ş. and H.Z., Y.A. and R.A. were taken into custody.  After
the sale of the material in Ankara the buyer planned to take it out
of the country.  "Californium" was first produced at the University
of California, Berkeley in February 1950, hence its name.

simpsons nuclear plant ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Ankara police called on a renowned nuclear expert to
help solve the case.

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