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Whole Lotta Murders in Fatsa

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 8 March 2018)

Fatsa’da korkunç olay ortaya çıktı
Doesn't anyone die a natural death around here?!

In Fatsa district of Ordu province, the Gendarmerie's research
into an unsolved murder revealed a baby's murder.  In 2004,
Mehmet I. was murdered in front of his house in Uzundere
village.  As the Gendarmerie team re-examined the case it was
learned that ten years before, in 1994, Mehmet I. had an affair
with his uncle's daughter and a male child was born. 

However, the birth was hidden from everyone and the day after
Mehmet I.'s brother Ahmet I. killed the baby and buried him in
a hazelnut orchard in Uzundere.  The orchard has been excavated
but the baby's body has not yet been found, although digging
continues.  As for the alleged baby-killer Ahmet I., he himself
was murdered in 2015  (!).

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