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Pathologic Criminal With a Baklava Craving

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 4 March 2018)

yüksel kol ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Kol enjoying some baklava: "Tastes great, try some."

While he was being sought for inciting murder, Yüksel Kol killed
a relative in Trabzon's Sürmene district with a Kalashnikov rifle.
Kol has been caught and sentenced to 63 years in prison for the
murder, sexual harassment and kidnapping. 

Kol's crime spree began 20 years ago on 7 March 1998 when,
in Istanbul's Gaziosmanpaşa district, Ali Kemal Kol killed Zeki
Bayrak of Trabzon, who was then the warden at the state prison in
Samsun, and wounded Bayrak's deputy.  While Ali Kemal Kol
was sentenced to 36 years in prison for the murder in 2001, Yüksel
Kol was accused of inciting Ali Kemal Kol to commit the murder
and was sentenced to 14 years in jail.   

Yüksel Kol, though, disappeared before going to jail but in 2010
he kidnapped a 13-year-old girl named M.K.  Kol had first gone to
M.K.'s house with drugged baklava (!) that he offered to the family.
When they rejected the baklava, Kol left the house but returned
later with friends in ski-masks and kidnapped M.K.  Next, on 25
July 2015, Kol shot his relative Ali Kol in the mouth with a
Kalishnikov rifle in Sürmene district.  A year later, while on the
lam, Kol crossed paths with F.G. who hit Kol over the head. At
the hospital Kol's fake ID got him arrested.

Kol allegedly threatened villagers, saying "I know there are some
in the village who ratted on me.When I find out who they are I'll
shoot them."  However, when Kol came before a judge in Trabzon
he said "I didn't make anyone do anything by force. I even warned
my family 'don't do anything to them'.  I swear, I just wanted to
show the other fellows the (M.K.'s) house.  I apologize to this
girl's family for any trouble I may have caused them. May they
forgive me.  I trust in your justice."

In the end, Kol was sentenced to life in prison for murder, 7 years
for carrying a forbidden weapon, 21 years for sexually exploiting
and kinapping M.K., 4 years for breaking into M.K.'s house, 1
year for damaging property, 6-each years for two other kidnapping
charges and 6-each years for kidnapping 3 women.  The court
did not give Kol any reduction for his good behavior in court (!).

trabzon haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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