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Wrestling With Religious Fervor

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 2 March 2018)

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Religious wrestling trainer Abdulaziz A.

A Turkish family in Germany entrusted their 17-year-old
daughter M.T.K., who has a drug problem, to Abdulaziz A. in
Bursa for religious training.  Abdulaziz A. (40), who is married
and has two children, took the girl to his sister's house in Bursa
and sexually assaulted her three times.  Abdulaziz A. locked
the door to the house and left but the girl escaped through the
first-floor window and alerted her family to the situation. Police
arrested Abdulaziz A. 

In her statement to police, M.T.K. explained that "he took me
to his sister's house and began to wrestle with me (!).  Then he
sexually assaulted me three times, saying that we should keep
this just between us."  As for suspect Abdulaziz A., he said
that "she agreed to stay in my sister's house that night.  While
we were wrestling (!) she excited me and then we had sexual
relations with her consent."  Abdulaziz now faces 46 years
in prison for sexually assaulting a minor and kidnapping.

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