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The Things Kids Eat

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 March 2018)

Çocukların yuttuklarından koleksiyon yaptı
Experience talking...and he'd rather not have any more.

Dr. Mustafa Melikoğlu, a pediatric surgeon at Akdeniz University
Hospital  in Antalya, has collected all the things he has extracted
from children's breathing and digestive systems over his 40 years
as a surgeon.  At the entrance to the hospital's pediatric surgery
clinic, the nearly 160 items are on display in two locked (!) cabinets.

Among the items kids have swallowed  are coins, hooked needles,
knitting needles, pencil sharpeners, nails, screws, batteries, nuts
and two magnets.  With the display, Dr. Melikoğlu hopes to increase
parents' awareness of these potentially deadly incidents.  He added
that children naturally explore their surroundings with their hands
and mouths but they may, in an instant, swallow a foreign object
that can result in tragic consequences.

homer chokes bart ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The wrong way to handle such incidents.

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