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Over-shopping at Fancy Store Costs Murderer Plenty

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 6 March 2018)

İki yıllık cinayet ‘poşet’le çözüldü
              In the arms of the fashion police.

On 28 January 2016, in Şirinevler, Istanbul, Ali Aydin (39) was
driving in his car with his wife, older sister, 5-year-old child and
a cousin when an attacker stopped the car and shot Aydın in the
head.  On the likelihood that the murder was drug-related, police
turned over the case to the organized crime unit, which looked at
surveillance video and determined the attacker's appearance but
not his identity.

Police saw that the attacker had boarded a metrobus after the
murder and examined the turnstile records for that moment,
determining that the suspect had used his metrocard at the
Sultanahmet and Üsküdar tramway stops.  Videos from Üsküdar
showed the suspect carrying a shopping bag from a famous
clothing store.

Checking with the store in Üsküdar, police learned that the
bag held a coat the suspect had purchased, as did 740 other
people.  Combing through the names and dates related to the
purchases, police identified Aykut K. as their suspect.  It turned
out that Aykut K. was a member of a robbery gang known as
"Maskeli Beşler" (Five Masked Bandits), which has been
responsible for many thefts in the Sarıgazi neighborhood of
Sancaktepe district. 

maskeli beşler ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Maybe not the best role models for one's gang...

Police learned that gang members E.Ç. and O.T. had looked
around Şirinevler the day before Aydın's murder.  Last week,
police raided 14 addresses and arrested Aykut K. and 8 others.
Aykut K., E.Ç. and O.T. were jailed and the other 5 were

 şirinevler haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Şirinevler is near B and Sarıgazi near A, with Üsküdar
sort of in the middle.

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