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Sümela Monastery's "Rooms for Suffering" Uncovered

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 March 2018)

Sümela Manastırı’nda çile odaları gün yüzüne çıkıyor
    How did they build this place anyway?!

The Sümela Monastery, one of Turkey's most important historic and
touristic locations, has been undergoing restoration for the past 2.5
years, in the course of which a point on the upper right side of the north
roof that is accessed by a secret passage has been identified.  As yet
unseen frescos depicting heaven and hell, and death and life, have been

sümela manastırı'nda çile odaları gün yüzüne çıkıyor ile ilgili görsel sonucu
    Christian suffering knows no bounds.

These "rooms for suffering" have never been seen before and Maçka
Mayor Koray Koçhan stated that "within a month or two the trail
project in our famous forest will be completed.  We've found places
never before seen in Sümela.  There were small chapels which were
previously off-limits but after the restoration they will be opened. 
There is an older chapel that is reached by a secret passage that will
now be opened for viewing."

sümela manastırı haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
     TNT does its part for Turkish tourism.

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