30 Mart 2018 Cuma

Fish Out of Water Get Riot-Control Resupply

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 March 2018)

Susuz kalan balıkların imdadına TOMA yetişti
              Aquamarine rowdies saturated!

In Yaycı village near Iğdır, fish that were stranded in a canal when the
water supply was cut off last year have been fighting for their lives
ever since in a pond-like, oxygen-deprived situation. As the weather
has warmed the fishes' remaining water has receded and thousands of
them have been 'beached' on the canal's waterless concrete.

But firefighters and police have come to the fishes' rescue.  At first,
it was thought that the fish could be put into containers but since there
are so many of them this remedy proved to be unworkable.  Instead,
the municipality had fire engines and a TOMA (crowd control water-
spraying vehicle) pour 30 tons of water into the canal.  The TOMA
then shot pressured water into the canal to increase the oxygen and
this has served to reinvigorate the fish.

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