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Self-Parker Draws Valet's Wrath

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 March 2018)

valet terror! see previous TNT reporting on this unpleasantness.

Otomobilimi teslim etmedim, vale lastiÄŸimi kesti
Don't you just hate it when the valet slashes your tire...

Lawyer Selva Özkarakoç went to a fish restaurant in Ataşehir,
İstanbul, with her friends and when she declined to give her
car to the restaurant's valet he slashed her car's tire (!)

At about 8 o'clock the night before last, Özkarakoç went to
the luxury fish restaurant in the Küçükbakkalköy section of
Ataşehir.  At the restaurant entrance, the valet wanted to take
Özkarakoç's car keys but because there were promissory
notes belonging to her clients in the car, she declined.

After Özkarakoç parked her car herself, the valet came to her
and said "don't park here."  Özkarakoç left the car in the spot
anyway, prompting the valet to say "you know best, but you'll
have to bear the consequences."  Following her meal, Özkarakoç
got into her car and began driving but saw a light on the
dashboard indicating that she had a flat tire - the car's right
rear tire had been punctured. 

When Özkarakoç told the restaurant about the incident they
offered to pay for the damages and close the matter.  Özkarakoç,
though, went to the İçerenköy police station and filed formal
complaints against the restaurant and the valet. 

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