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Hungry for Democracy, Hungary Gets Chicken-Roasted

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(Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2018)

‘Herkese bedava bira’ vadeden partinin temsilcisi, devlet televizyonuna tavuk kostümüyle çıktı
One politician whose not chicken about promising stuff.

A representative of  the "Two-Tailed Dog Party", one of Hungary's
small but influential political parties, went on a TV program wearing
a chicken costume and answered all questions put to him by simply
cackling.  In regard to the general elections in Hungary scheduled for 8
April, all parties are allowed five minutes on state TV. 

While some observers criticized the "chicken" spokesman for
demeaning the political process, most people opined that such
cackling responses were appropriate, given the feckless chattering
of most politicians.  The "Two-Tailed Dog Party" is a movement
founded by young people to condemn in a satirical and comedic way
the increasing racism and populism being exhibited in the run-up to
the elections.

Making fun of the exaggerated but empty promises of other parties,
the "Two-Tailed Dog Party" has promised the electorate "free beer"
and "cool summers and mild winters."   These promises have
tickled peoples' funny bones and kept the party on the national

Among the party's other promises: rich people will not be allowed
to squander their wealth - instead the money will be distributed to
the populace in cash at roadway underpasses; rather than build
a barbed-wire fence on Hungary's southern border to keep out
refugees, overpasses the length of the country will be constructed
for the refugees since anyone with any common sense wouldn't
want to stay in Hungary anyway. (!)
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