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Mystery Shrouds Ex-Mosul Governor's Fate

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 3 March 2018)

Eski Musul Valisine İstanbulda fidye tuzağı... 16 aydır haber yok
Not sure if the priest is part of the ransom gang or not...

The former governor of Mosul, Iraq, Faisal Al Yawar, was
invited to a conference in Istanbul a year and a half ago but
was kidnapped.  Prior to the occupation of Mosul by ISIS,
Faisal Al Yawar served in the governor's office there but
resigned.  Because of visa problems associated with the
tumult in Egypt, he could not participate in the Gulf Research
& Development Conference in Egypt in 2016, to which he
had been invited by a ransom gang (!), so he went to Istanbul
for what he thought would be an alternative conference.

On 22 October Al Yawar arrived at Atatürk Airport. Shortly
afterwards, Al Yawar called a friend in Kerkük, saying that an
individual named Ebu Ömer would come from Baghdad to
collect $150,000 from the friend in Kerkük.  Al Yawar's
family was notified and they called the supposed conference
firm in Istanbul to check on Al Yawar's situation, but in vain.

The Iraqi Consulate General in Istanbul notified the Turkish
Foreign Ministry, Turkish intelligence and Istanbul police,
who learned that one of the ransom gang members had been
arrested in Iraq.  Police have asked Iraqi authorities to send
the arrested suspect to Istanbul for questioning.  It remains
uncertain whether or not Al Yawar is still alive.

musul eski valisi istanbulda kaçırılmış ile ilgili görsel sonucu
        Has that Saddam-esque charisma.


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