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"Ayşe Qaddafi" Scam Nearly Snares Businessman

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 May 2018)

Ayşe Kaddafi Afrikalı dolandırıcılar Muammer Kaddafi
The recycled "Libya model" scam. That's Kim-Jong-Un's 
daughter in the photo, taken by John Bolton.

African swindlers who used the name of Ayşe Qaddafi to defraud
people, are back again.  But thanks to a story about this "Ayşe
Qaddafi" scam by HaberTürk 3 years ago, businessman Mehmet
Yıldız, who searched the internet when he was pitched by the
scammers, avoided their trap.

Yıldız, who works in Finland, got the following message in
English: "Hello, I am Ayşe Qaddafi, the daughter of Libyan
leader Muammer Qaddafi.  I need your help.  My wealth is
being kept secretly in a security company in Ghana but I have
to move it to another country.  I'll send more information.  If
you send me your email address we can communicate that way."

Yıldız responded (!) and received the following message: "My
wealth, 100 kilograms of gold ingots and $9.5 in cash, is in
the ACF Security Company in Ghana.  I know that you work
internationally.  If you can get my wealth out of Africa I'll
give you 30% of it.  Send me your account details and I'll
give you the information about that firm."

Yıldız searched the internet for new about Ayşe Qaddafi and
found the HaberTürk story of 18 June 2015 concerning the
same scam.  Then he realized he was being conned and blocked
the scammers from reaching him.  He told HaberTürk "they
approached me the same way you reported 3 years ago.
They even sent pictures of Ayşe Qaddafi so it seemed serious.
But then I saw the HaberTürk article.  In any case, they
didn't give me straight answers to my questions."

Three years ago in Istanbul building contractor O.T. lost
375,000 TL to the "Ayşe Qaddafi" swindlers, who reached
him using the Tango cellphone app. 

ayşe kaddafi oyununu habertürk bozdu ile ilgili görsel sonucu

"Now, Mehmet Bey, let's get back to that bridge I was
telling you about..."

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