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Risky Businessmen

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 4 May 2018)

tarkan kadooğlu ömer faruk ılıcan ile ilgili görsel sonucu
      Stepped too hard on the gas pedal of risk...

In Çankaya, Ankara, on 21 March, Ömer Faruk Ilıcan, the Chairman
of the Board of Kalegaz company, was shot dead as he left his home.
In connection with the murder, police issued warrants for 8 people,
including Tarkan Kadooğlu, the head of Kadooğlu Holding, who is
also a member of TÜSİAD and chief of TÜRKONFED (both major
Turkish business organizations).

In coordinated raids, police took 7 other individuals, including
Kadooğlu's father Cemal, 2 of his cousins and his brother-in-law
into custody.  Police identified Tarkan Kadooğlu as the planner
and patron of Ilıcan's murder and issued a warrant for his arrest.
However, Kadooğlu was not at his home when police came for
him and police suspect that a "mole" among the police warned
Kadooğlu of the impending raid, allowing him to escape.

Kadooğlu posted tweets on 30 April, wishing his friends well on
that day, Berat Kandili (a Moslem holy day).  Police learned, as
well, that Ilıcan owed Kadooğlu Holding 5 million TL (about
$1.25 million) but was having problems paying his debt. 

tarkan kadooğlu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
         "Hey, you gambled and you lost."

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