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Grandparents and the Greedy Grandkids They Never Knew

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 May 2018)

Hiding their faces, lest their grandparents be ashamed.

Telephone hoodwinkers don't know how to stop. The latest
example comes from Istanbul.  F.T. (80) explained that "the
person who called me said he was my grandchild and was
in a difficult situation, needing money right away.  When I
said 'Ahmet, is that you', the opposite party said 'Yes.'  I
believed him and one of his friends came and took 10,000 TL
(about $2,500).  When I called my real grandson, I realized
I had been swindled."

The elderly man told police about the incident and the number
was traced but was never used again.  As the investigation
continued, police realized that there had been many similar
complaints.  Police got a clue and placed physical and technical
surveillance on a suspect, who was caught on camera entering
the home of an elderly couple.  Over the course of 9 months,
police identified a 9-person gang.

Gang leader Mustafa D. and his cohorts were arrested in
Istanbul and Karabük.  The total amount of the gang's
bilking was put at 2 million TL.  The suspects were sent
to jail on charges of 'establishing an organization to commit
a crime' and 'intentional fraud'. 

alo ben torunun türkan üşümezsoy ile ilgili görsel sonucu
   Türkan hanım. Much too trusting.

One of the gang's victims, Türkan Üşümezsoy (75), related
her experience: "My husband answered the phone and asked
the caller 'Is that you Hüseyin?'  The calling party said in
response 'Yes, I'd like to talk with my aunt.'  My husband
was suspicious, saying to me  'what's with his voice?'  The
voice was odd as far as I was concerned, too, but, thinking
that Hüseyin was ill, I believed him.  Anyway, the caller
said to me 'Auntie, I have money problems.  A jeweler
friend of mine will come to you.'  The fellow came but
when I asked to see his card the phone rang again and
'Hüseyin' said 'Auntie, don't harass the fellow. Give him
the gold and don't embarrass me.'  So I gave the fellow
three bracelets and four gold pieces.  Later, when I called
my nephew I realized we had been swindled." 

istanbul karabük haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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