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Medium's Message Backfires

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 May 2018)

süheyla medyum ile ilgili görsel sonucu
One-stop shopping for spells, charms and wallet-cleaning.

In Ankara, one of the 5 suspects among the so-called soothsayers,
mediums and hojas picked up by police in raids last week was
Süheyla Ö. (57), also known as "Medyum Süheyla".  A search of
her home and office in the Bahçelievler neighborhood of the city,
reflected her luxury lifestyle, with large amounts of cash and
jewelry seized by police. 

Süheyla Ö. took 60,000 TL (about $15,000) from one woman
customer and 30 pieces of gold from another, while other women
complained that each gave Süheyla Ö. 2,500 TL.  She was
arrested on charges of "exploiting religious feelings and beliefs"
but rejected the charges, explaining that "People ask me whether
they'll pass a test or about their spousal relationship.  When we
chat I look at an astrology chart and pass along my analysis to
the customer.  I never engage in magic.  My customers pay me
50 TL but some gladly give me $100 or a piece of gold.  I got
the 60,000 TL and 30 pieces of gold not for my medium work
but as a loan." (!)

One of Sühelya Ö.'s former customers wrote on a blog that
"I separated from my boyfriend because of his ex-girlfriend,
who was always going to palm-readers and soothsayers. Then
I went to "Medyum Süheyla" and she said she had to break a
spell that was upon me and improve my chances. I gave her
750 TL for this. Next, she said that the ex-girlfriend had put a
spell on me so I'd break up with my boyfriend. Süheyla Ö. took
1,400 TL from me to break the spell and another 1,000 each for
tying my boyfriend to me for life and stopping him from drinking.
Instead, after a year my boyfriend is even more alienated from
me." (!)

süheyla medyum ile ilgili görsel sonucu
    "Hey, don't blame the messenger!"

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