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Earth Calling Planet 10

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 May 2018)

Burası Da 10. Gezegen
Located 200 light years from the provincial capital.

Bahçesaray district of Van province is closed off for 8 months
of the year because of snow, so for years it has been referred
to as 'Planet 9'. But Çamoluk district of Giresun province suffers
the same annual fate so it has earned the title 'Planet 10'. 
Çamoluk is located 200 kilometers from the provincial capital
and because the roads are bad it takes,at best, 4 hours to reach
the town.

Consequently, residents of Çamoluk, which has a population
of 3,100 souls, say that "it's like we live on another planet."
Since there is no pharmacist in Çamoluk, people have to go
to Erzincan or Sivas to get prescriptions filled and the travel
cost raises the price of the medicine five times.

Resident Hasan Düz noted that "ninety percent of our residents
are retired and elderly.  They have to go to Erzincan or Sivas,
or perhaps our nearby districts of Alucra or Şebinkarahisar, to
get medicines.  Sick people have to wait to get better before
they can even go to get their prescriptions!"

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