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Batman's Mean Girls

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 May 2018)

                          They're clueless.

In Batman, three women aged between 20 and 25 stormed the
office of  İ.D. (18), claiming that she was spreading gossip
about them.  On 14 May, R.Y., E. and another woman went
to İ.D.'s office, beat her and cursed at her.  The three attackers
took İ.D. to the ladies room and tried to take off her clothes.
They threatened İ.D. with a knife and cut lines on her face.

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"Batman Meets Mean Girls" coming soon!

 The three attackers recorded the entire episode and posted it
on their social media accounts with the title "lesson". 
Afterwards, İ.D. related that "accusing me of gossiping about
them, they stormed my office and threatened me.  I was too
scared to file a complaint with the police but now I will.  They
said to me 'when we come the next time we'll come with a

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        What would Batgirl do?

E., who asserted that only she beat İ.D., asserted that "I don't
regret it. I'd do it again even if I face a 40-year jail term
because I won't forgive anyone who says such things about
me."  The three attackers were taken into custody by police
last night and brought to jail.

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