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Sex Therapy for Evil Spirits Removal

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 May 2018)

ilişkiye girersen cinler çıkar ziyettin ile ilgili görsel sonucu
         E.E. and the irresistible Ziyettin Ç.

In Istanbul, E.E. (32) took her 5-year-old autistic son to a
"üfürükçü hoca" (healer who 'cures' by breathing on a sick
person) named Ziyettin Ç. (71).  E.E.'s neighbor told her "I
know someone who can make your son better.", so last July
E.E. brought her son to see Ziyettin Ç. in the Eyüpsultan
section of the city.

Ziyettin Ç. told E.E. that "there are 'üç harfliler' (evil spirits)
on your son. For treatment, I'll have to write a charm." and
he took 5,000 TL from E.E. for this 'treatment'.  Ziyettin Ç.
instructed E.E. to bring her son to him twice each week.  E.E.
complied with Ziyettin's instructions, which included having
sex with him multiple times (!). 

After four months of this mother-son 'treatment', E.E. realized
that her son was not getting any better and went to the police.
Ziyettin Ç. was taken into custody and materials for 'making
magic' were seized in his home.  He was charged with sexual
assault and faces a sentence of 18 years in jail.  Additionally,
an investigation was started against Ziyettin Ç. for 'expoiting
religious feelings and fraud.'

E.E. explained to HaberTürk that "He summoned me to bring
my son twice a week for treatment.  After drinking the tea he
gave me, I felt like a spell had been cast on me and I couldn't
put up any resistance.  So I started to believe in him. He wrote
3 charms - one for me, one for my son and one for our home.
He told me there were evil spirits on me that had been passed
to my son when I gave birth to him.  He said that the evil
spirits were having sex with me but that if I had sex with him
I was been freed from the evil spirits (!).  I couldn't resist and
did what he told me to do.  He said he would help me to win
games of chance and identify good people from bad people. He
gave me a good fairy and a bad fairy, and promised me a
fortune if I stayed in his house one night.  He said that when
he doesn't stay at home, he stays in a house with many young

eyüpsultan haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
            Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul

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