29 Mayıs 2018 Salı

Biggest Box-Office Bust Ever?

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 29 May 2018)

Tarihe geçen film! 3 günde sadece 1 kişi izledi
Seeing this, it's easier to understand the box-office bust.

The comedy film "3 Vakte Kadar", directed by Özlem Kayhan
and Volkan Gültekin, has made box-office history of a sort.
The film was offered to the public on 18 May and in the first
three days only one person paid to see it. (!) 

In 10 days a total of 810 people have seen the film, resulting
in revenue of 8,840 TL (about $2,000).  These figures have
made the movie a subject of ridicule on social media,
prompting people to say "even their friends didn't go to see it!" 

bu filmi ilk 3 günde sadece 1 kişi izledi ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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