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Hubby Runs Wife Off the Road as a Joke (?)

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 May 2018)

barış b gülcan mesut y düzce ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                  It hurts when they laugh.

The night before last in Düzce, at the Konuralp location on the
D-655 highway, driver Barış Baş noticed his wife Gülcan Baş
driving her car in the direction of Akçakoca and began to squeeze
her off the road, apparently as a joke. (!)

Gülcan hanım, though, panicked, lost control of her car and
smashed into the back of Mesut Yoldaş's car in front of her. 
Gülcan hanım's car then crashed into an electrical pole and
tumbled down an embankment.  Yoldaş also lost control of his
car and plunged into a stream bank. In the accident, Gülcan hanım,
her friend Emel G., Yoldaş, his wife Büşra and their 8-month-old
baby were all injured and taken to Düzce University Hospital.

Barış Baş, who caused the accident, fled the scene.  And although
some reports characterized Baş's actions as a 'joke', local press
organs reported that moments before the accident, Gülcan hanım
had called police to say that her husband was following her and
then subsequently called police, saying that he was trying to run
her off the road.  Police are now searching for Baş.

düzce haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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